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The Last Story La Tenri Tatta Arung Palakka

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(La Tenri Tatta Arung Palakka)
Astral world in a conversation

Here's the story .................

Celebes or Sulawesi island is also known as a highly admired and feared by the Dutch. This island has a unique characteristic to have. Of fertile soil that is very strategic location in the shipping or the war at that time. But that's where stood two large and powerful empire that is able to master the oceans. The Kingdom of Gowa and Bone.

    The Netherlands is really know
and understand this situation. To control the land Sulawesi is not easy. So at that time the Dutch made a new strategy for control of Sulawesi.

    Netherlands make use of politics would provoke. Kingdom of Gowa with Bone at the time did not have a harmonious relationship. Dispute exists between the two kingdoms and lasted longer. Holland understands the situation, the Dutch are not too hasty to fight Makassar. Dutch fear when it united the two kingdoms Sulawesi will never fall into the hands Netherlands. A thousand ways to break the Dutch performed both these kingdoms. Led to resentment from the past to the seductive lure of death. Makassar under the leadership of Sultan Hasanuddin revolted against the Dutch. With a fleet of war facing the dreaded Sultan Hasanuddin Celebes Dutch waters. But the Dutch attempt to control the city and the castle did not work. The Netherlands finally asked for help to King Bone Arung Palaka and Buton.

   Arung Palakka success when the Dutch allowed pro-thumbs up. Palakka successfully beat back troops from the eastern Roosters who dreaded the Netherlands. 
With great difficulty finally Sulawesi
  fell into the hands of the Dutch. When the overthrow of the reign of King in makassar.  Arung Palakka special attention from the Netherlands.

  Dutch felt that Arung Palakka will someday rebel. Dutch think critically with the movements of the Arung Palakka feels very dangerous. So one night in fort rotterdam,, netherlands preparing some plan. Just one more person is considered dangerous Palakka. Dutch treason and conspiracy to do. Invite Palakka in an orgy in fort rotterdam Netherlands. By reason of wanting to kill Arung Palakka at the party by giving him poison in his food.

 (It was a cold silence was shaking with the music of the party. Bond strap her head feels very tight and heavy. Agency tall with long, curly hair like a lion on a herd of elephants congregate. With a keen eye without flinching Arung Palakka finally walked away .)

The next day found him lying in his house without power. His eyes stared at the ceiling with a blank gaze of a resignation. Both hands and both feet are now powerless. The Netherlands sent a doctor to treat the wounds of King's most famous Bone. But everything is just crap crap dutch. There was only accelerated its malignant poison to kill her.

   So finally Arung Palakka Datu Mario Petta La Tenri Tatta Malampe'E Gemme'na on 6 April 1698 at the palace in Bontoala with its mandate before his death, so that the king buried in the Mount Bontobiraeng in Gowa empire.

By: Serpihan Serbuk Jiwa