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The last story I Mallombasi Daeng Mattawang (Sultan Hasanuddin Gowa Kings 16)

I mallombasi Daeng mattawang or better known by calling (Sultan Hasanuddin)
When faced with the Netherlands in the last war he was a very determined defense of his nation from the Dutch colony at the time. He was a very brave, never give up and never retreat under any circumstances.
         Playing the week before last crusade, he sends to his son
 I Mappasomba Daeng Nguraga titled Sultan Amir Hamzah. He advised his son to succeed the throne as King. At that time the Sultan Hasanuddin already know that this time he will fail to confront the Dutch by her illness. Sultan Hasanuddin told the old pain when I had brought against the Dutch in this state. But his enthusiasm for fighting continued to flare up he accept defeat against the Dutch who assisted Arung Palakka. Although during this time many people did not mention what the illness suffered by the Sultan Hasanuddin time. Karaeng Subuh being told his story to us all.
             So this story's version of Karaeng Subuh.
Sultan Hasanuddin when he was small. Small Hasanuddin was the son of a talented, strong and tough
He was the son of active and cheerful. Sultan Hasanuddin as a child had fallen from a tree Pinang and the right rib having a hard enough impact. These cuts are made into the curved ribs. Although the scar is not visible but the pain he has brought to him growing up. Sultan Hasanuddin stand tall and strong because of the struggle is more important.
               Injuries are more severe when he was Playing the war against the Dutch before the last war. He met with resistance in the face of the fort Somba Opu with Arung Palakka and Dutch. He received a kick to make him fall and hit her right section right in the ribs. This opens up old wounds, wounds he suffered as a child.
              Although the ribs are broken in spirit that is never extinguished waged.
He got up and continued to fight. Until finally the Netherlands assisted Whitewater Palakka back and accept defeat.
               Injuries are quite severe, but he did not show on the troops that he was injured. This affects the Sultan Hasanuddin wounds in combat. He became a little slow in the fighting and horseback riding.
There is one soldier asked about the Sultan, but the answer is the answer to a truly extraordinary leader. 
(I'm right to move on the opponent dutch)
               Although he secretly treated for the illness of the physician, healer, and so forth but it was too late. Injuries that he brought this long enough and strong enough to bear his pain.
              In the last war Palakka Whitewater forced the Dutch to give Sultan Hasanuddin announcing weak spot that feels quite strange in the face of the greatness of Sultan Hasanuddin. Even though he only uses his dagger to kill quite a lot of Dutch troops and the troops Arung Palakka.
Because of jealousy and Incitement dutch Arung Palakka finally divulge the secret that the Sultan has two magical stone in the Red Pomegranate and black kulao.
               When the Sultan Hasanuddin captured by the Dutch in the last war. Dutch seek and search these two heirloom, but the Dutch never find this stuff.
               So where is this magical thing?
Karaeng Subuh sharp as he looked at us with a smile,,,
He replied:
It was there in body, more precisely in both shoulders are intentionally wounding the Sultan was to keep it on the left and the right shoulder.
           But when he died his body was taken by the then King to replace them.

I Mallombasi Daeng Mattawang Karaeng Bontomangape Sultan Hasanuddin Tumenanga Ri Balla'Pangkana gone.
(Who died in his splendid palace)

(narrated by Karaeng Subuh)
w: Serpihan Serbuk Jiwa