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Borobudur Heritage of Solomon?

Read the title above, certainly many people who would frown, as a sign of unbelief. In fact, you might as well. Therefore, Prophet Sulayman was a messenger of God who granted the privilege with the ability to conquer all of God's creatures, including wind power is subject to the permission of Allah. In fact, birds and jin always obey the command of Solomon.

According to Sami bin Abdullah al-Maghluts, in his book Atlas History of Prophets and Messengers, Prophet Sulaiman thought to have lived in the 9th century BC (989-931 BC), or about 3,000 years ago. Meanwhile, the Borobudur Temple as it is written in a variety of national history books, founded by Dynasty dynasty in the late 8th century BC, or about 1,200 years ago. Therefore, natural that many people are probably laughing wryly, laughter, and shaking his head when it stated that Borobudur Temple of Solomon was founded by the United States.

Borobudur is a Buddhist temple. Adjacent to the temple of Borobudur is Pawon and Mendut. A few kilometers from Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple there, Kalasan, Candi Sari, Plaosan, and others. The temples near Prambanan is a Buddhist temple that was founded around AD 772 and AD 778.

So, what to do with Solomon? Borobudur is a true relic of King Solomon and the great great? What is the evidence? Is it true that there are traces of Islam in the largest Buddhist temple? Certainly need a comprehensive research and involving various parties to prove the validity and truth.

However, if the above question posed to KH Fahmi Basya, the Islamic mathematician will answer; true. Borobudur is a relic of King Solomon in the land of Java.

In his book, Islamic Mathematics 3 (Reuters, 2009), KH Fahmi Basya mention some of the traits of Borobudur temple which became evident as the relics of the Prophet David's son. Among them, the forest or the land of Saba, Saba meaning, the name of Solomon, the fruit of a bitter maja, removal of the palace the Queen of Saba to Solomon's territory, buildings that are not resolved by the genie, the gathering place of the Queen of Saba, and others.

In the Qur'an, the story of King Solomon and the Queen of Saba is mentioned in Surah An-Naml [27]: 15-44, Saba [34]: 12-16, al-Anbiya [21]: 78-81, and others. Of course, many do not believe it when Borobudur is a relic of Solomon.

Among the reasons, as Solomon lived in the 10th century BC, while Borobudur was built in the 8th century AD. Then, according to many parties, events and the story of Solomon's happening in the Palestinian territories, and Saba in South Yemen, while Borobudur in Indonesia.

Of course this raises the curious. Moreover, Fahmi Basya KH showed evidence based on the description of the Koran. So what if valid proof of Borobudur is a relic of Solomon or the building of Solomon, whose creation is the command?

According to Fahmi Basya, and as the authors see through the existing reliefs, there are several symbols, which is impressive and is identical to the story of Solomon and the Queen of Saba, as the description of the Koran. The first is about the ark, a box or crate that contains the legacy of David to Solomon AS. That said, in it there is the book of Psalms, Torah, and the level of Moses, and give you peace. In the relief contained in Borobudur, was a chest or ark was being guarded by someone.

First, "And their Prophet said to them: 'Behold the sign he would be king, was the return of the ark to you, in which there is tranquility from your Lord, and the rest of the family heritage of Moses and the family of Aaron, the ark was carried by the angels. Verily in this there was sign to you, if you are believers. '" (Surah Al-Baqarah [2]: 248).

Second, the work is not finished when jin knew Solomon was dead. (Surah Saba [34]: 14). Upon learning of Solomon's death, the jinn were to stop work. At Borobudur, a statue that has not been resolved completely. Unfinished statue was called Solomon.
Third, the genie was ordered to build high buildings and making sculptures. (Surah Saba [34]: 13). As is known, many statues of Buddha at Borobudur. While a high building or buildings that are Prambanan.

Fourth, Solomon spoke with the birds and animals. (Surat an-Naml [27]: 20-22). There are also reliefs. In fact, a number of reliefs of Borobudur motivated frame flowers and birds. There are also a number of reliefs other animals, like elephants, horses, pigs, dogs, monkeys, and others.

Fifth, the story of the Queen of Saba and the people who worshiped the sun and bow to a fellow human being. (Surat an-Naml [27]: 22). According to Fahmi Basya, Saba means gathering or meeting place. Hud-hud expressions bird on Saba, because birds do not know the name of the area. "Never mind the birds, humans only when it is above the plane, will not know the name of a city or country," he explains. Fahmi added Basya, a gathering place of man in the temple of Ratu Boko is located approximately 36 kilometers from Borobudur. It also allows the distance traveled in a single bird flying.

Sixth, Saba is in Indonesia, namely Wonosobo. In the Qur'an, the Saba a lot overgrown with trees. (Surah Saba [34]: 15). In ancient Jawi language dictionary, compiled by Dr Maharsi, the word 'Wana' meaning forest. Thus, according to Fahmi, saba or wana Wonosobo Saba is the woods.

Seventh, fruit 'maja' bitter. When the great flood (Sail al-Arim) hit the region of Saba, the trees around him to be bitter as the Wrath of God to those who deny his revelations. "But, they turn away, We bring to them the great flood [1236], and We converted their two garden with two garden is overgrown (trees) producing bitter fruit, tamarisks, and some of the trees Sidr tree." (Surah Saba [34]: 16).

Eighth, the name of Solomon shows the name of the Javanese. Prefix the word 'su'merupakan Java names. And Solomon is the only prophets and apostles 25 people, whose names beginning with 'Su'. Ninth, Solomon sent a letter to the Queen of Saba through bird Hud-hud. "Go thou to bring this letter." (Surat an-Naml [27]: 28). The minister said the letter was written on plates of gold as a form of wealth of Solomon. He added that the letter was found in a pond at Ratu Boko.

Tenth, the building is low (Sidrin qalil). See Surah Saba [34] 16). Building is low it is the Ratu Boko. And there are a number of stupas are low. "This proves that Ratu Boko Palace is a palace of the Queen of Saba who was transferred by order of Solomon," said Fahmi stressed.

In addition to the above evidence, Fahmi said, there are many more other evidence which suggests that the story of Solomon and the Queen of Saba in Indonesia. As the monsoon winds blowing from Asia and Australia (Surah Saba [34]: 12), the story of the palace which is lost or removed, the Queen Bilqis dialogue with the princes when he received a letter Sulaiman (Surat An-Naml [27]: 32), the name Sleman district, District Salaman, Salam village, and others. With the above evidence, Fahmi Basya believe that Borobudur is a relic of Solomon. What about the readers? Only God knows. And Allaah knows best.

BY: Serpihan Serbuk Jiwa